Rope access welding

Welding at heights, welding inside silo or any other areas difficult to reach

Welding at height using rope access techniques is an extremely demanding and comprehensive activity.

Thanks to our extensive experience in using rope access techniques and welding, we can offer specialized assembly services in places with very difficult access.

We offer welding services:

  • MMA welding 111
  • MIG (131) / MAG (135) welding
  • TIG 141 Tig
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) in places with difficult access.
  • Oxygen cutting.
  • Upgrading of steel construction .
  • Strengthening of steel constructions, construction repairs.

We offer: welding in closed tanks, welding in silos, welding on radio towers, welding on chimneys, etc.

Spawanie na masztach radiowych
spawanie 111

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