We do not limit ourselves to the offer presented below.

Our offer is directed mostly towards the industrial sector, however we will not decline a private customer our services.

Welding at heights, steel structures assembly

We manufacture, assemble and modernize steel structures.We have huge experience in adapting the mountaineering techniques in the steel structures assembly.

We offer:

  • A complex steel structures assembly.
  • Welding at heights: MMA and MIG/MAG.
  • Non-Destructive weld testing (NDT) at places with limited access.
  • Gas torch cutting.
  • Upgrading the steel structures.
  • Strengthening and repairing the steel structures.
  • Protection against corrosion.

Sample photos presenting steel structure assembly and welding at heights are available in: GALLERY.

Installation of Large Format Advertising

We perform a complex installation of large format advertising as well as illuminated ones across our country.

  • Graphic design.
  • Preparation for printing.
  • Large format advertising production: banners, mesh fabric.
  • Preparation of project documentation.
  • Producing supportive frameworks, free-standing pylons, billboards.
  • Installation of billboards, supportive frameworks and free-standing structures, providing reinforcement for walls, nonstandard implementations.
  • Installation of large format advertising.
  • Panel installation.
  • Installation of illuminated advertisements.
  • Running complex advertising campaigns.
  • We are able to perform a several installation projects across Poland at once.

Sample photos presenting installation of advertisements, banners and advertisement panels are available in: GALLERY.

Tree trimming, stump removing, wood chipping

We have experience and tools that allow us to carry out many projects in the field of protection and conservation of green areas.

  • Securing the area.
  • Trimming trees by the climbing method.
  • Trimming trees from a lift.
  • Care pruning with anti-fungal protection.
  • Tree crown forming.
  • Wood chipping and timber removal.
  • Milling the trunks 20cm below the ground.
  • Roots removal.
  • Cleaning the area after logging.

Sample photos presenting trimming trees and logging are available in: GALLERY.

Cleaning industrial facilities

We have extensive experience in the implementation of cleaning works in large industrial plants. We are well-equipped, which enables us to provide a complex services regarding cleaning. We provided our services in both: a very demanding food sector as well as in the metallurgical, chemical and electronic sectors. Among others, we perform:

  • Vacuuming the structure.
  • Window cleaning, also at heights.
  • Washing the skylights.
  • Wall cleaning in both classic and water blasting.
  • Vacuuming ventilation ducts from the outside and the inside.
  • Washing trusses, ceiling structures and ceilings.
  • Silo cleaning, overhang removal.
  • Graffiti removal by blast cleaning (wet, dry and chemical).
  • Steam cleaning without the need for additional chemicals.

Sample photos presenting specialist cleaning are available in: GALLERY.

Protection against birds

Depending on the location and conditions, we can offer different bird protection. Among others, we perform:

  • Installation of spikes with a protective width from 10cm to 25cm.
  • Installation of woven nets with mesh sized from 11mm to 50mm.
  • Installation of welded steel mesh (protection of chimneys, ventilation openings).
  • Posting stickers of bird of prey.
  • Administering gel which prevents the birds from sitting on protected surfaces.
  • Installation of electric bird deterrent systems.

Sample photos presenting protection against birds, installation of bird spikes and steel mesh are available in: GALLERY.

Blast cleaning and abrasive blasting.

We offer blast cleaning services. We have equipment to perform the following works:

  • Blast cleaning with hot (up to 140 * C) and cold water.
  • Blast cleaning with water with the addition of abrasive in the form of sand.
  • Steam blasting.
  • Sandblasting.

Sample photos are available in: GALLERY.

General construction works.

We offer a wide range of construction services.

  • Facade painting.
  • Roof painting.
  • Filling cracks and defects.
  • Dilatation sealing.
  • Hacking off plaster.
  • Securing the crumbling facades with a net.
  • Sandblasting of steel structures, bricks, sandstone, concrete.
  • Cleaning the facade with water or steam.
  • Chimney disassembly/demolition.
  • Installation of suspended scaffoldings.

Sample photos presenting various mountaineering services are available in: GALLERY.

Closed space

We offer to take advantage of our services in the field of performing works in the spaces of difficult accessibility. We suggest comprehensive work on the nature of:

  • maintenance,
  • ordinal,
  • assembly,
  • renovation and construction.

We provide professional carried out by qualified employees from all security measures. We specialize in such spaces as:

  • chambers,
  • silos,
  • industrial tanks,
  • shafts and chimneys,
  • wells and manholes.

Sample photos presenting various mountaineering services are available in: here.

Roofing services

We deal with repairs and maintenance of roof coverings. We have experience in the production and repair of decorative coverings made of flat sheet metal joined with both classic seams and a rarely used "wulsta". We also perform:

  • Roof sealing.
  • Preparing and installation flashings.
  • Installation of snow fences, snow shields.
  • Installation of chimney sweep benches.
  • Installation of lightning protection systems.
  • Installation of downpipes, gutters.
  • Gutter cleaning.
  • Roof painting.
  • Roof blast cleaning.
  • Covering the roof with thermally weldable roofing felt.
  • Skylight repairs, covering the skylights with polycarbonate.
  • And many more.

Sample photos presenting various mountaineering services are available in: GALLERY.